Social Involvement

New Facility in Krugersdrop for Columba Leadership Academy

Columba Leadership Academy is an NGO that was established following a visit to South Africa by the Columba 1400 UK Founding Chairman, Professor Norman Drummond, in October 2007. Professor Drummond approached Mr. Rob Taylor to establish the Academy in South Africa and Columba Leadership Academy was founded in 2009.

The goal of Columba Leadership Academy is to develop responsible leadership among the South Africa youth, to produce socially and environmentally conscious and active citizens, who lead through service. Columba Leadership activates youth enterprise and employment by helping young people transcend their personal circumstances. Their objectives are to work with and equip young people to both be agents of change and to achieve good life outcomes and to transform schools and communities through the work of these young people.

Columba Leadership Academy is now building a new facility in Krugersdorp and Norval Wentzel Steinberg is one of the companies which are contributing their professional services on a pro bono basis for the construction of this new facility.

Alterations and additions to the kingdom life children's center in atteridgeville

Kingdom Life Children’s Centre in Atteridgeville, Pretoria is a safe haven for about 60 children, most of who are either teenagers from abusive homes, orphaned or neglected.

The centre was started by Mrs. Sylvia Magoba 19 years ago when she opened up her home to the children. The city of Tshwane donated an old beer hall to Mrs. Magoba and the centre was then moved to operate in that facility.

Super Shongwe Memorial trust decided to assist with the renovations, upgrade and construction of a new media centre for the children who stay at the centre. Norval Wentzel Steinberg was one of the companies which contributed their professional services on a pro bono basis during the refurbishment of this facility.

Click HERE to view a Certificate of Appreciation from Super Shongwe Memorial and Charity Trust